JoAnn Moran

List of Past Projects



Murals for Roberto Clemente Leadership Academy

Roberto Clemente inspired many people in his life and still continues many years after his death. It is said that the value of a human existence is the work we do to benefit humanity that continues beyond our lifetime.  Going beyond his accomplishments on and off the field, I strive to focus his character as the beginning of his successes as a ballplayer and humanitarian.

Suitable for both young and mature audience, I mixed realistic depictions of Roberto with childlike renditions of events and his environment.  I added text to the artwork to further the viewer’s inquiry into the meaning of this visual story.  For example; the building labeled “Milk” in Mural #1 refers to Roberto’s young life growing up poor in Puerto Rico, he helped his family by working, delivering milk. Other text such as; “3000” and “MVP” obviously refer to his career.  ”Faith” and “Hope” refer to what he or any of us need to overcome obstacles in our lives. “Freedom” and the star symbol under it, refers to his Congressional Awards for service.  “Hit for Humanity” refers to Roberto’s ultimate goal to use a talent he had to make a difference in the world.   

Mural #2 refers more to this humanitarian aspect of his life as well as his love and encouragement of children. He often visited sick children in hospitals.  In 2005, a flight was made by his son to complete Roberto’s original journey to deliver supplies to earthquake victims in Nicaragua. The writing “Let’s go together” and the childlike drawings of houses and airplanes are from children’s actual letters to help get support for this honorary flight to Nicaragua.  “Let’s go together” also refers to education as a journey that students, teachers and parents are on together.