JoAnn Moran

new ideas

Project Concepts
Mosaic design - proposed public participation project 
for Block Island Airport

Description of "I am an Island"
Clay frieze 2 ft high, extending around the perimeter of the main waiting area. Sand and water designs represented in a tile and clay frieze on all sides the viewer experiences being on an island or ‘being an island’.

The design incorporates sculpted clay relief panels, textual glazed and unglazed surfaces, a variety of irregular small clay forms. Varied depths and detail create areas of interest and open spaces for reflection. Japanese combed lines on white clay, teal greens, blues on a base of contoured clay mimicking tide impressions on the sand.. 

When you live on a small island or a boat, the tide schedule dictates many of your movements and plans. The ocean breeds and incubates life, gives and takes life then spits it out onto the shores only to swallowing it up again. 

Public participation is purposed  in the creation of small irregular tiles seen in model. Portraying the typical tumbled beach collection the idea is to imprint forms from Block Island’s shores.  A shell would not be used but its impression would be. So that, 
every shape becomes an organic entity, inviting the multiplicity of associations inherent in all living things.