JoAnn Moran




The Green Project is largely known for their building materials warehouse store that diverts usable materials from landfills and puts them back into circulation in the NOLA community,  supporting the mindful use of resources.The Green Project became an art studio for Home Sweet Home relief project in 2006. Through an on-line call, artists of all ages throughout the US and Canada contributed works of art on reclaimed billboard vinyl and sent them to me in New Haven. My crew and I (my two children & Dianne Moran from Canada) delivered 100's of artworks to the people who returned to rebuild 1 year post Katrina. 

HANDS-ON New Orleans      
On-site coordination with Hands-On New Orleans could not be better. Hands-on proved to

be the youngest and most efficient relief and rebuild crew I have ever encountered. 
HandsOn New Orleans hosts citizens from around the world in the New Orleans community. Whether you are one person or a corporate team, HandsOn NOLA rovides worthwhile and effective volunteer options. 


Kellog Environmental Center

Peabody Museum of Natural History 

Projects 2K - Projects for a New Millennium

Solar Youth

Urban Resources Intiative