JoAnn Moran


Professional Biography


 Working in collaboration with city/state/federal/private agencies to develop and facilitate initiative based projects using repurposed and reclaimed materials, while training artists and organizers to sustain programs within communities they serve. Expanding upon experience in the process and production of public art  inovate platforms for art as a vehicle for social change and education that are adaptable to a variety of environments.

The formats of CUBES and Lamppost Banner Exhibitions were developed to address particular needs and challenges (environmental, logistical and financial) for community projects in Chicago and New Haven respectively. The public art forms and process have been implemented in many cities to meet a variety of community goals; environmental education, place-making, community development, social awareness campaigns.

To know what is effective and more importantly what is NOT came out of years of testing and problem solving. I have gained considerable experience in how to inspire and engage people to address varied social and environmental issues. I have a proven track record of decoding the creative process, and synthesizing information and multiple objectives into duplicable, adaptable and engaging processes/programs that result in inventive, functional public art. 

I await and welcome the next challenge!, the next invention!