JoAnn Moran

Artistic Statement

"ART for and By the People"

We are all part of a interconnected ecosystem.  It is imperative that people, in what ever capacity, make choices and create habits to reduce our negative impact. Artists, musicians and others whose work inspires public audience , either by intent or circumstance, have a chance and responsibility to use their stage and audience to shepherd positive change.

I create works increasingly characterized by the use of reclaimed materials and collective participation. Continually investigating and experimenting, I seek to use materials and processes that are environmentally safe, sustainable and reducie landfill waste. Temporary works that incorporate reusable parts, large-scale city art projects that  model Reduce, Reuse Recycle

I believe physical and emotional connection gained through hands-on experiences profoundly impacts the viewer, making the deeper meaning, motivation and value of the artwork more naturally and immediately synthesized. To maintain quality art, I have developed strategies and processes to inspire a deeper participant experience that will enhance rather than compromise the resulting artworks.