JoAnn Moran

A Hard Concept

URI - Yale School of Forestry
"A Hard Concept"

"A Hard Concept"  longer version

A first in a short series of videos to connect making art and planting trees.
This WILL BE  a compilation of imagery to support translating valuable information into a public art form that will be understood by the general public. This is part of an extended video intended for funding agencies. In its entire length it will illustrate the potential of using art in the public forum to increase citizen tree planting in the urban environment. The presentation seeks to make visual a city's role in our natural ecology and the impact that concentrated human habitats have on local and global ecosystems. 
GOT TREES? In developing a strategy the artist/scientist team will be working with a sample group of uniformed public; ex-offenders, who star in our videos

These animations whimsically  illustrate the difficulties and challenges scientists have explaining complex systems and concepts to the public to support behavioral change. In this case, it is trees and why we need more of them in the city. The unpolished audio in these shorts are taped conversations with scientist Colleen Murphy-Dunning. 

The video serves as an example of what an artist sees while having a conversation with a scientist and the role imaging can play in interpreting complex and academic terminology into an engaging experience that will support natural understanding.